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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

Too bad we only got a glimpse of the darker Harvey in the Thomas Schiff scene before Rachel's death. I love how one side of his face is lit and how is yelling "YOU CAN'T GIVE IN" is reminiscent of the scenes in the hospital. That's great foreshadowing. I mean there must be some reason why he'd have the nick name "Harvey Two-Face" at the M.C.U. I know the novel delves into it (which I don't consider canon), especially with his father's "lucky" coin, but it would have been cool to learn about a trauma he may have faced before Rachel (if there was one), like Batman and the Joker.

It would have been nice to see a serious, fleshed out Two-Face that suffers from a split personality disorder. I remember those rumors around this time in 2008 (close to when that CGI concept of Two-Face emerged) that stated "Eckhart and Nolan are going for something along the lines of Gollum/Smeagol" and I got really excited. Pity we never got to see that. I went in spoiler free and totally expected to see him snap and have a new personality emerge instead of the revenge/killing spree we got in the film. That surprised look he gives Gordon when he realizes the place is surrounded (like he can't believe Gordon would do that) and him pointing the pistol at his scarred face stating "there is no escape from this" was great. As much as his death needed to happen for the Dark Knight's ending to exist, would have been nice if we saw a continuation of his character and trauma.

It's fine for what it is, but I could see Eckhart pulling that off convincingly in a Batman film and having Batman/Bruce Wayne having to deal with that. Fairness, randomness, balance, etc.

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