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Default Re: Fox's Shared Universe

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
The report that singer hadn't (at that time) spoken to Millar wasn't inaccurate at all since it came from Singer's own mouth in a recent interview. Singer repeatedly shot down the idea that Millar was "consulting" with him on the X-films at all, stating that he had not met with the man and that he was in sole control of that mini universe. It began to be a bit of a controversy, so apparently someone at Fox gave one of them the other's phone number. They finally had their first chat -- just yesterday, as it turns out. Their tweets confirm this.

It seems clear that any input Millar is going to have on DOFP comes after the script and casting are done, so he can't have any real impact on it. The same is probably true of The Wolverine, which is in the can already. But at least Millar looks less like a poser now that he's actually spoken to Singer at last.
DOFP hasn't started filming yet. The script is inevitably going to go through rewrites as the film evolves, and characters may still get added and dropped. And just because The Wolverine is in the can doesn't mean Millar might not have a say-so in the final edit and what gets left on the cutting room floor. That's the way movies work --- they're works in progress.

Yes, it remains to be seen just how much impact Millar will ultimately have on DOFP and even The Wolverine, but he *can* have "a real impact" on them.


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