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Default Re: Fox's Shared Universe

Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
The only "main guys" talking about it is Millar - both Singer and Trank have been silent regarding all things FF.

There is no doubt FOX is putting a lot of money into its X Men properties, but other than Millar's sales pitches we haven't heard anything substantial about Marvel's first family. And given the high potential cost, poor public perception, lack of merchandising and challenging release date, talk is all we might get.
If they don't make the movie, they don't get to keep the FF rights, period. And yeah, we all know that's what you want to happen, so that Marvel Studios can get the rights; but it's not *going* to. Because, even worst case scenario, Fox will wait til the last minute and churn out something they know is a stinker, just to keep the rights for another umpteen years.

FF is getting made. Whether it's better than the crapfest that Tim Story churned out remains to be seen; but make no mistake: FF is getting made.


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