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Default Re: Luke Cage introduced in Avengers 2, Hulk blasted into space

Originally Posted by InternetPeople View Post
Experimenting on prisoners is akin to torture which is wrong. When the outcome could be a super powered villain, that is stupid. Why would you give someone who obviously does not possess a good moral compass super human abilities? That is stupid on it's face. You don't have to be smart to realize that. What if whle experimenting on a prisoner you make a Hulk type character? You're ****ed. Right there is the problem.

I am not a comic writer, nor do I read comics. I like the films and I want to know more about the stories and characters that will be added. I am not about to try my hand at creating an origin for a character I am unfamiliar with (nor am I dumb enough to open myself to that kind of scrutiny). That said, if I were writing comics I wouldn't make the origin story something as silly as experimenting on a prisoner. It's illogical and lazy.

Having Cage be a good guy and just wrongfully imprisoned is too convenient and ridiculous to be easily accepted. Remember in Spider-Man 3 when Sandman escaped? He was running through a field that just happened to have an experiment running which turned him into Sandman? Yeah, that was awfully convenient timing guys. If that is the origin story then so be it, but it is lazy writing and the fans noticed. Maybe there are too many characters and you needed some unique way for a character to get his powers. OK but that doesn't change the fact it's kinda weak writing.

If you read what I wrote, I did like the idea of AIM or HYDRA having a hand in Cage's creation, as those organizations don't care about laws or morals. Don't get all defensive (I rather enjoy talking to you). You don't have any more invested in these characters than I do. We're both merely fans.

I am a little surprised you are willing to go along with the Marvel origin considering the obvious logic issue at play with Cage's prisoner origin. Whether you agree it is lazy or not, there is still a problem. That's all I am saying.
I guess if you perceive the prison system to be a logical upstanding place, and the justice system to be largely... just, and many people believe so, that makes sense. The reality though is that a lot of people saying they are innocent indicates that at least some are right, not that all are wrong, and the reality is that prisoners are experimented on, and sometimes the results are surprising. If AIM needs to run a prison for the audience to get that, do that, but it's not actually unrealistic.

Removing the coincidence factor is as simple as extending his origin story to twenty minutes instead of the two that Sandman got. All the origins are rife with coincidences, its only your emotional investment in the character that gets you to overlook that.

Originally Posted by braincrusher View Post
This is my theory. Cage is introduced as Nick Fury's old buddy from the mean streets of detroit or wherever. That story will be told in a retro story with iron fist set in the late 70's. Cage will be used to surprise attack and muscle the hulk into a vibranium rocket to send him to space and replace him on the team until the final movie when a pissed off hulk returns to a world destroyed by ultron. Obviously the hulk will have a bone to pick with cage. Could this work?
I like Cage, but part of what makes Hulk Hulk is that he's a monster. Cage isn't a monster, so he can't really replace Hulk.

And I don't know where in the world you guys get Captain America being remotely in the same weight class with Luke Cage. Cage is practically class 100, and has been up there with She-Hulk, Thing and Colossus in terms of strength for some time.

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