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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 10

Originally Posted by Crimson King View Post
Here's my problem with it:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
First of all, we still don't *know* that Killian is the big bad. It's still just a rumor.

Anyway, Feige and Black's comments about Mandarin don't do anything but justify his change in image. He went from the racist Fu Manchu to a more believable modern day villain. It's wrong to assume that making him the lead villain means recycling Middle Eastern terrorist cliches. First of all, we don't know where he's supposed to be from. He could be from Mongolia for all we know. Second, having your non-Western villain outsmarted by whitey and his tech gadgets has already been done in IM1. Do they really need to repeat that scenario? I hope they don't. It's lazy.

My biggest problem with the whole rumored bait and switch is that it absolutely destroys Iron Man's greatest nemesis. I don't care if he's a badass for MOST of the movie. This is his introduction, much like CA:TFA was Red Skull's and Thor was Loki's. If he's outsmarted, manipulated, or otherwise controlled by a villain like Killian, it kills any future threat level. He's no longer nemesis status and goes straight down to B-level hood. THAT'S my main worry. People would scream bloody murder if Joker or Lex or Loki got used in such a way their first time out. Mandarin is Iron Man's most well-known villain. Treat him that way.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
And, like I said, those of you who are mad about Mandarin getting nerfed and "INO'ed" in this movie are pretty well justified. But again, Mandarin was never going to work "as is." Not a chance in hell, and Marvel knew it. Not only would you piss off all the Asian-Americans in the audience ---- and pretty much anybody else who'd see a Fu Manchu stereotype as a very bad idea for 21st century Hollywood --- but trying to bring him into a movie that's supposed to be a genuine trailblazer in Hollywood-Chinese film relations? China obviously never would've allowed that.

I'm all for comic book canon and authenticity and all that jazz (probably far moreso than a lot of people even on these boards), but I really can't bring myself to shed a tear over a character like Mandarin getting the INO treatment. In the comic books, he's a character who should've been buried in the dustbin of Bad Ol' Day history many decades ago and forgotten about, and the attempts to modernize his image over the years have only served to pander to new Asian stereotypes instead.

And as for his status as being Tony's "archenemy": that's overblown, too. Fact is, Iron Man has always had one of the crappiest rogues' gallery of any Marvel character, and it's always been an in-joke even with Stan Lee and us die-hard Marvelphiles. Mandarin might have more appearances than any of the other Iron Man enemies, but that's not nearly the same thing as saying he was an iconic Marvel villain. Nobody ever picked Mandarin for "all-star" villain teams like Masters of Evil; he's practically non-existent in Marvel Comics outside the pages of Iron Man titles. Trying to put Mandy in the same boat as truly iconic supervillains as Lex Luthor or Loki or The Joker ain't even close.


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