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Default Re: Capt. Marvel/Ms. Marvel Film? (Good idea or GREAT idea?)

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
I'm a big fan of Artistsean, but I want to give my take on it:

Main Cast:
Carol Danvers - Charlize Therone
Phillip Lawson/Generis Mar-Vell - Armie Hammer
Kree Colonel Yon-Rogg - Brian Cox
Kree Sentries 451-459 - Dee Bradley Baker (voice)
Robert Hunter/Nitro - Justin Theoroux
Michael "Ace" Rossi - anyone, really

Captain Marvel is the story of two heroes, one Kree, the other human, and how their lives come together and are irrevocably changed. There is love, but it is not a love story. It is the death of one hero, and the birth of another.

Story points:
  • Mar-Vell, a mysterious alien in the Captain Marvel uniform is sent to Earth to Investigate
  • Opening Credits
  • Danvers, Air Force intelligence transfers to SHIELD
  • Danvers reconnects with Air Force buddy Michael Ace Rossi
  • Danvers is assigned to monitor SHIELD scientist Phillip Lawson, under cover as his pilot
  • Danvers and Lawson meet, connect easily, but are clearly sizing each other up and feeling each other out.
  • Danvers and Lawson are given a lead to the place of a self destructed Kree outpost, and the remains of a DNA-altering PsycheMagnetron, and its victims 'nitros,' people who are set to explode as living bombs. Carol saves Lawson from the nitros using her military skills. Lawson saves Carol from the Sentry posted there with subtle use of his powers.
  • Carol discovers Lawson is communicating with someone (Yon-Rogg) false information, reports it, is then confirmed as trustworthy and told to investigate further
  • Danvers gets closer on purpose, they develop a romantic bond of some sort.
  • Kree Sentry is unleashed due to Mar-Vell's slowness, Mar-Vell betrays Kree to save Carol from Sentry 451.
  • Captain Marvel is shown to have super strength, duability, flight, energy absorption and energy control from negabands on his wrists. He is shown to be remarkably more powerful than any Avenger.
  • Carol tries to interrogate Mar-Vell, gets his full name, which transliterates to Captain Marvel
  • Carol connects the dots and realizes Lawson is Mar-Vell. He's not a traitor... he's a spy!
  • Kree invasion begins, Carol gets in a jet and battles alongside Mar-Vell in the air. She's really good, and they make a good team.
  • Mar-Vell tires himself, and Carol seems to be able to fend off the last Sentry long enough for SHIELD's backup to arrive.
  • SHIELD is hostile towards the Kree whom is revealed to have been a spy the entire time, who has reported all of the Earth's defenses to the Kree, allowing them to circumvent everything
  • Danvers tries to defend Mar-Vell, but he is clearly the source of their problems, and the Kree's number one demand. SHIELD hands him over to facilitate a cease fire.
  • Danvers defies orders, flies into the Kree mothership in a rescue attempt, gets to Mar-Vell and convinces him not to give up
  • Mar-Vell revives, trounces everyone but Yon Rogg, who sends the last Nitro, Robert Hunter, to a nuclear facility as a retaliation.
  • Yon Rogg escapes, and leaves Mar-Vell and Carol to battle the ultimate Sentry - 459.
  • Mar-Vell battles SEntry 459, and Carol manages to save Mar-Vell yet again, only to end up in the Sentry's grip. Mar-Vell sets the self destruct on the DNA-altering Psyche Magnetron, and when the Sentry is distracted, Mar-Vell defeats him with the explosion, shielding Carol, though Mar-Vell is mortally wounded.
  • Mar-Vell with his dying words gives Carol the Negabands, her physiology changed to be like his now. Mar-Vell dies.
  • Carol mourns a moment, takes a tattered red strip of his uniform and ties it around her waist.
  • Carol leaps out of the ship, flies, absorbs the energy from the last Nitro and uses that energy to confront and defeat Yon Rogg thoroughly.
  • Carol returns to SHIELD to help with clean up. Is fired from SHIELD, Fury orchestrates that Iron Man contacts her about the Avengers.
The core appeal:
Carol is the type of strong female hero that people like to see, flanking the typical male heroes (Terminator, Aliens, Black Widow), but the twist is... the original hero is captured, and later dies, you realize that she is the main hero, and has been all along, and what you thought was the main hero is really just her Obi-Wan. What you thought was a love story is really a tragedy (people like that slop too), which is much more about how it affects the female survivor, and not at all about happily ever after... that was never really an option.
I like most of that, but wouldn't want the Artisean designs as they still look like 90s costumes however it's spun. Also, although Charlize Theron would be good, I think she's too old for Armie Hammer. Not only that, but she's a more dominant personality so she seems more like she'd be playing a villainess now to someone like Hammer, especially after movies like Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman, where although Hammer and Theron weren't in the same movie, he was playing the prince whereas she was playing the wicked stepmother queen.

I prefer Yvonne Strahovski for Carol anyway and think she would be a better fit with Hammer, who would be great for Capt Marvel.

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