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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

Originally Posted by The Shrike View Post
If they just left Hulk alone there wouldn't be a problem, but being the control freaks they are they just couldn't resist. There's a lesson in there for them, for their sakes I hope they learned it, otherwise the worldbreaker will once again give them a much needed lesson in humility.
You mean leave alone the dangerously insane mutate prone to random personality shifts, and destructive rampages that traditionally only don't destroy entire cities because there are superheroes around to stop him? The guy who read a newspaper talking about the Avengers finding Captain America, and decided to kill them all? The guy who spent time as an amoral mob enforcer? The guy who has turned into a literally mindless beast in the past, and may do so again? The guy who had a random freak out and killed Soul Man? The guy who, in service to his vengeance, felt it entirely appropriate to callously destroy New York City as a casual afterthought?

The only lesson of World War Hulk is that you shouldn't show mercy, and just drop the Hulk into a black hole next time.

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