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Default Re: "BLINK and you might miss her!" - The Fan Bingbing Thread

Originally Posted by JP View Post
Ya know, until we get official confirmation, I just don't think she's Blink. The guy at Variety who confirmed she's playing Blink also tweeted that he was originally told she was playing Psylocke and "guess he was wrong".

Considering how all of the trades still can't figure out who Dinklages is playing (Mike Flemming at Deadline said he'd "find out" when he was initially cast and has still yet to figure that out) I just don't think they'd easily figure out who Bingbing is playing.
The thing is, though, that Blink is a very obscure mutant for the trades to latch on to. I can understand believing she is Psylocke, because that character is far more well known. But the trades would never come up with Blink unless that's a name they were given (though it might be a red herring).

I must admit I find it amusing that even the big trades can't find these things out like Dinklage's character. Singer must have this production on lockdown!

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