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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

Originally Posted by Figs View Post
I'm surprised you said First Class was a step in the right direction LS. Before the movie was out, I remember you being on here saying how you weren't going to see it and were fed up with what they were doing to this franchise.

I was fed up with it. And I still am.

But you know what? There are countless others who feel the same way. FOX & Co. are not stupid--they are looking at the ratings MCU is getting and comparing it to the lackluster response they're receiving for their own franchises. I think they get the point and it's time for a new beginning. FOX's "realistic" approach in 1999 and 2000 was effective for then. But now, MCU has fully embraced the full fantastical nature of these comics--with aliens, monsters, gods, etc, leaving FOX in the damn cold.



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