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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

We all know If fox rebooted and tried to copy Disney/MS It would be based on Ultimate X-men.Since a lot of MCU Is based on Ultimate line.

The war between Disny/Marve studios and Fox Is causing me to go from being able to enjoy most marvel films to want to not to spend my time on any Disney films.

Others have said the avengers was based laregly on the Ultimates.

Iron Man-Tony STark based on ultimate version,Nick Fury totatally based on Ultimate version
The Incredible Hulk-My favorate sole filmOrigin based In part on Ultimate version.Betty Ross based In part on ultimate version
Iron Man 2-Tony Stark,Black Widow based on ultimate versions
Thor-Thor with people thinking he's crazy loosly based on Ultimate version.Hawkeye and Nick Fury based on ultimate version
Captain America-616 costume treated as joke while ultimate costume gets big treatment.Nick Fury based on Ultimate version
The Avengers-Tony Stark,Black Widow,Hawkeye,Nick Fury based on Ultimate versions as are outfits.

Not to mention banner In The Avengers Is basiclly David Banner from Hulk TV show.

If people don't think Xavier,Magneto,and Wolverine wouldn't be major characters In reboot they are fooling themselves.After DOFP you have chance for more nonmagneto villains and you want to go back to drawing board.

And do I have to remind people the Amazing SPider-Man was lowest grossing spider-Man film.Even the much decreyay Spider-Man 3.You could have an entire new team and reboot and have a film that grosses like first Class and not X2 and last stand.

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