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Default Re: The ‘Batman’ Casting Thread

Batman reboot

In my series boot, my cast would be reoccurring over several movies. No order relevance just as I thought of it.
Thomas Wayne/Simon Hurt- Christian Bale
Martha Wayne- Marion Cotilliard
**note: yes I purposely picked these two for the reboot symbolism of "killing off" Christopher Nolan's series, plus give diehard fans a chuckle or two**
Dr Leslie Thompkins- Diane Lane
Lucius Fox- Idris Elba
Bruce Wayne/Batman- Taylor Kitsch
Alfred Pennyworth- Ralph Fiennes
Dick Grayson/Nightwing- Alex Pettyfer
Tim Drake/Red Robin- Colton Haynes
Jason Todd/Red Hood- Lee Thompson Young or Brandon T. Jackson
Damien Wayne/Robin- Zach Gordon
Barbara Gordon/Oracle- Amanda Seyfried
Jim Gordon- Brian Cransten
Harvey Bullock- John Goodman
Selina Kyle/Catwoman- Kat Dennings
Andrea Beauxmont/Phantasm- Anna Kendrick
Vicki Vale- Brooklyn Decker
Gotham City Mayor Simon Trent/The Gray Ghost- Adam West
**Movie starThe Gray Ghost- Michael Keaton

Joker- This one was very hard for me. IMO there are only a handful of actors good enough to be Joker, let alone deserve the role. Here's the best I have or would like to see***
1. Johnny Depp
2. Tom Cruise
3. Leonardo DiCaprio
4. James Marsden
5. Jim Carey
Harley Quinn- Helena Bonham Carter
Thomas Elliot/Hush- John Hamm
Mr Freeze- Liev Schriber
Scarecrow- Ben Whishaw
Riddler- Andy Dick
Poison Ivy- Jessica Chastain
Two Face- Harry Lennix
Penguin- Bob Hoskins
Zsaz- Javier Bardem
Dead shot- Timothy Odmundson
Ra's Al Ghul- Alexander Skarsgård
Thalia Al Ghul- Olivia Wilde
Killer Croc- Dave Bautista
Bane- Alberto "Del Rio" Rodriguez
Hugo Strange- Robin Williams
Carmine Falcone- Jack Nicholson
Death stroke- Joe Manganiello
James Gordon Jr- Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Cameos indicate DCU crossover potential:
Lex Luthor- Michael C. Hall
Mercy- Gina Corano
Amanda Waller- Viola Davis
Oliver Queen- Justin Timberlake
Officer Barry Allen/Flash- Shawn Ashmore
Victor Stone/Cyborg- Derek Luke

Let me know what you guys think! Annotate any edits

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