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Default Re: Who are the top 5 villains you most wanna see do again?

1. Joker- I just think the Johnny Depp + Helena Bonham Carter duo has a lot of villain potential to play out. Heavy role, but others I think would be great are Tom Cruise and Jim Carey.

2. Mr Freeze with Liev Schriber or Thomas Jane at the helm. Nobody portrayed Fries better than Timm and Dini. Casual movie goers need to see that tragic character on screen.

3. Erik Skarsgard as Ra's Al Ghul with Olivia Wilde as Thalia. Thinking of Dinis character and the most recent Young Justice animated version I think would be great. Ra's racial ambiguity really leaves the field wide open.

4. Bob Hoskins as Penguin in the ice berg lounge. If you've seen Jet Lis Unleashed you have an idea how ruthless Hoskins could be.

5. Poison Ivy by Jessica Chastain. Reason needed?

Other villains I personally would like to see on screen are Jon Hamm as Hush, Michael C Hall as Lex Luthor, Scarecrow played by Johnny Depp moreso than anyone else if the Joker wasn't such a massively important role, but my shock pick is Andy Dick as the Riddler. Outside of his public life, professionally speaking and as an actor I think he nails Edward Nigmas back story perfect, right down to his patronizing tone of voice.

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