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Default Re: The Official Cell Phone Junkies Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by LibidoLoca View Post
Hey Rid, if the Z doesn't come to AT&T how about settling for an unlocked Xperia SP?
i only go for high end flagships.

haha, in all seriousness, it looks really nice, but i'd far prefer the z/zl to it. also, the more i look into the s4, the more i like it. i know a lot of people were hoping for a more drastic redesign (me included), but the more i look at it, the more i enjoy its design. it certainly looks like a classed up s3 and the new sides and slightly squarer corners look great. not sure if i would get the white or black s4 though...what do you guys think?

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You're just mad because we all know Riddler's the man. :o
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