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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Most of these movies don't even have trailer so it's really a pointless comparison.
It's still just estimates, but it's like using Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes to get a consensus reading on a film. And the fact that those movies that are still a year or two away are already generating sustained hype means that the buzz is going to be through the roof for those movies in 2014 and 2015. (i.e., Avengers 2 is gonna be all like "Avatar and Titanic who?" and James Cameron is gonna be all like and Marvel Studios is gonna be all like $$$ $$$ )

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
I think Hunger Games will be in that 3rd or 4th spot fairly easily.. Jennifer Lawrence has blown up, as well as the Hunger Games franchise itself. I think her WW appeal is there and will surprise at the box office.

Also if anyone has read the books, the second one was by far the best. It still blows my mind that they can make the imho terrible third book into 2 movies.. literally nothing happens lol.
3rd or 4th spot? Try tops. The *only* question this year about the #1 spot will be is it IM3, or Catching Fire? Nothing else even comes close to those numbers. Before THG came out in 2012, she was "Jennifer who?" Now she's J-Law, with a big freakin' gold statuette in her hand and the attention of the entire world.

THG and IM are no-brainers. Billion dollar bank, no question. It's the rest of the field that's going to have to play catch-up.

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Star Trek is hardly a shoo-in for a billion. The 2009 movie made only $127M OS, a very anemic total that STD is sure to top but the increase won't be enough to put it over the billion dollar mark. Some are predicting a $400M domestic haul for it, which I personally doubt, but even at that it would have to make north of $600M OS to get there. Unfortunately for Trek, it simply isn't very popular in overseas markets. The addition of 3D will help some, but it won't be a nearly $500M boost in ticket sales, IMO.
Could well be the case. If so, then Hunger Games and IM3 are the *only* movies this year likely to breach a billion. Even The Hobbit's numbers dropped way off when it failed to live up to LOTR expectations --- I'm now personally expecting to see DOS finish up around 800 mil WW, tops.


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