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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

I think it will be FF related. Not casting, but some details about how the reboot will be structured, and what the overall picture is in terms of where it fits in.

As far as X-Men, I think a reboot is a given down the line, although I wouldn't think it is in the cards right now. I think they pick up where First Class left off. It could simply be an announcement of a FC sequel to complete the trilogy.

DoFP into two movies? LONG, long shot. The budget would be crippling. X-4/5 after DoFP? Another budget killer. Although, if Singer is on board long term, and if they are intent of bringing back the rest of the original cast, I can see them shooting two movies/sequels back to back, but I think we need to wait until after DoFP comes out before they make that decision. That's the only way it'd be worthwhile reuniting the original cast; have them take on Apocaplypse or Onslaught, someone like that. I give that possibility less than 2% chance of happening, but those odds can rise depending on the success of DoFP.

So I'm going to go with plans for FF, and possible an announcement for FC 3, which potentially leads into the X-Men reboot with a brand new cast. I wouldn't call it a reboot, but an extension of the X-Men series.

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