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Default Re: Psycho prequel series "Bates Motel"

Originally Posted by Wolfwood View Post
From what I recall, Norman Bates in the book is very different than the Norman Bates in the movie. I think in the book he was a creepy fat slob. I don't know if they talked about his family life though. I'm pretty damn certain he didn't have a brother in the movies.

Regardless, I'm open to the change. If they're going to go full on reboot and do things differently, might as well throw in a crazy brother.

Also Bates Motel pulled in 3 million viewers last night, making it the highest rated A&E drama.

wow... just looks like serial killers seems to be the trend these days... Bates, Following, Cult, Dexter and soon Hannibal...

why would I even WANT to be straight edge?!?...
now pass it here
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