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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Yes, there are many reasons they couldn't achieve such things. That's why they haven't already, and we can be sure they haven't because we know the history (the cause and effect which prevents Wakanda from existing), we know the American military, and can bring it up on Google maps ourselves. It's not plausible for a super power to operate on Earth and we not already know about it, that's why Thor underlined that we actually knew about Asgard, and why the GotG doesn't operate on Earth, because it's not plausible for it to.
What does history or google maps have to do with Marvel Universe?

Wakanda is fictional. Why would it have to to be changed to acknowledge the westernization of Africa? The whole idea and concept of Wakanda was created to address and counter the realities of a westernized/colonized Africa.

The cool thing about these films is that once you start with a plausible premise, you can show how T'Challa transforms his country into this sci fi thing, because that's the fantasy, that a super person does super things. Not that we go into a parallel unrelated world like LOTR and Star Wars, but we go into a world pretty much just like ours, and watch it transform into something incredible. That's the genre, that's the silent contract. We get to be in on the cause and effect, and not just told 'oh, this happened, you should like it.'
Sorry that defeats the whole purpose of Wakanda. Which is to show that Africans don't need non-Africans to understand how to live and progress. They keep everyone out because they don't want Western influence and are very confident of their way of life.

And that's what a lot of it comes down to. How farfetched something is irrelevant, the question is, have you given the audience a reason to love it?

Do you feel me at all, or is all you see "too farfetched?"
Why wouldn't the audience "love" Wakanda the way it is presented in the comics? Utopian sci-fi concepts are not about hardened cynicism. They're about the hopes and dreams of what could be possible under ideal circumstances.

They can accept it if you introduce it right. "This exists now on planet earth" is not introducing it right.
Wakanda is fine. In reality, most Americans can't name 7 African countries without looking at a map. The idea that there would be a small, isolated nation in Africa most people don't know about because global leaders won't acknowledge it's existence is well within reason.

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