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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
What does history or google maps have to do with Marvel Universe?

Wakanda is fictional. Why would it have to to be changed to acknowledge the westernization of Africa? The whole idea and concept of Wakanda was created to address and counter the realities of a westernized/colonized Africa.
Nothing to do with the 616 Marvel Universe, but everything to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where things start out plausible in the real world, and the history of the MCU doesn't include Wakanda as a super power.

Sorry that defeats the whole purpose of Wakanda. Which is to show that Africans don't need non-Africans to understand how to live and progress. They keep everyone out because they don't want Western influence and are very confident of their way of life.
The purpose of Wakanda according to who? Because the original Wakanda, back when BP was a beloved classic Avenger and not a polarizing racial figure, didn't fulfill that purpose. Part of modernizing these characters and bringing the to the big screen is streamlining them, and part of streamlining BP is getting rid of the power-creep retcons that Wakanda has had over the decades. It'd be different if there was some white country that had achieved success without lots of help and trade from non-white countries, but there isn't.

Why wouldn't the audience "love" Wakanda the way it is presented in the comics? Utopian sci-fi concepts are not about hardened cynicism. They're about the hopes and dreams of what could be possible under ideal circumstances.
Why would they? Love is not a "why wouldn't?" thing, or else, you would love me, and this conversation would be entirely different.

Wakanda is fine. In reality, most Americans can't name 7 African countries without looking at a map. The idea that there would be a small, isolated nation in Africa most people don't know about because global leaders won't acknowledge it's existence is well within reason.
No country in the world, especially the US, is going to ignore a potential threat. Wakanda, if it was known about, would be all over the news as a terror state and enemy ala Iran. It's not plausible for a super power to go unnoticed, neither is it plausible for it to remain uninvolved while the rest of the world kills the planet. The only way Wakanda could go unnoticed is if, like the other unnoticed African nations, it was not a super power.

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