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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread

THG2 being a billion dollar no brainer I just do not see. It wasn't so hot OS with the first film and this isn't a case of a 1st movie coming out several years ago before China expanded or whatever excuse is now popular for why OS has grown. THG1 came out just a year ago and I'm pretty damn sure there's not been any major shift in OS theaters in that short of a time. And I'm in no way sure THG2 is gonna increase domestically as well. Pretty much universally when films do more than $400M DOM the next film in the series makes less. I think it's because once you get that high you're pretty much reaching a saturation point and don't have any room to grow. It's the reason TDKR made less than TDK DOM and why I'm very confident Avatar 2 and TA2 will make less than their predecessors DOM.

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