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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post

I say this because I have a very hard time believing that FOX's new FF are going to be sharing the same universe with the current X-Men even if they don't join MCU
. What's the point of having a new FF cast to share the same universe with 50 and 80 year old principal actors from X-Men? I mean, do any of you want that? I don't see a future there...they won't "match".
I dont think anyone really wants that. The shared universe thing was mentioned but I think they were more talking about crossing their X films like they are doing with DOFP and then more X films in the future like Millar said. Until they can prove they can crossover X men films they shouldnt even bother jumping into the FF.

When asked about the FF X Men thing they said it would be after the FF have been established. We have awhile to go on that, and that film may not even be a hit. The others are not exactly a huge success. I would think they would need to crossover SS and FF before the X Men come in.

Bottom line I think is, X Men doesnt need FF to increase sales. Its a waste right now.

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