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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
Unfortunately, I believe the window for an X-4 is closed. I think this IS the X-4. McKellan is going to be 80 by 2016-17. Famke is soon to be 50 as mentioned. Jackman is up there, pushing 50. These aren't the actors I planned seeing taking on Apocalypse and other stories that were held back for a "future" trilogy. Never once doubted that. So does Fox throw another 300 million dollars into an official X-4 when clearly the future of this franchise resides with the next crop of actors in these roles, concurrent with the ones established in First Class? Doesn't make sense. As an ensemble movie, it's near impossible to stretch things out more than this. If it was just one or two main characters, then you could milk those guys and get the crappy fourth and fifth installments we tend to get elsewhere (see Die Hard).

I think people will be surprised when characters like Storm, Rogue, and perhaps even Wolverine only get 30-40 minutes of screen time collectively. Could be more than that for sure, but this project was not something that these actors were prepared for at this point in their careers. An opportunity came up when Singer pitched this to them, and I think most of the people that are back took it knowing it would be a small, supporting role for the most part.
Right on. I'm not sure why some here are resistant to the idea of the X-Men being recast with younger, more accurate representations of their favorite characters. Why not "get it right" like everyone else is doing with their franchise? Why settle for this alternate universe for the mutants when clearly the movie going audiences are primed and ready for more sci-fi level fantasy?

This is not 1999, 2000 where CMB properties were mostly jokes and studios were cautious about investing $$$ in them. Audiences now have willingly embraced the true fantastical nature of sophisticated comic book films. If they can eat up Thor and Thanos, they are ready for the REAL Dark Phoenix--raptor and all. I don't know why some of you want to hold on to this old s***.

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