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Default Re: The Official Cell Phone Junkies Thread - Part 1

I was hoping that the SIV looking similar to the SII was true because I like a square and sharper corners over rounder corners. Oh, and it's still glossy plastic. Bleh.

Some of the smart functions are nice, but pretty much almost everything we already knew. Either way, the phone looks to be as great as the SIII.

It's still disappointing that it's only quad-core in the US. Shafted by Samsung again. Quad-core has been used since last fall, and I'm surprised that Samsung couldn't get it working with LTE (the problem they had last time with the SIII, which is why it's dual-core in the US). It would have put them way above the competition.

Looks like we won't see the dual quad-cores until the Note III over here.

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