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Default Re: Gears Of War: Judgment

Originally Posted by Wolvieboy17 View Post
Nope. It's a deliberate change and I actually like it to be honest. It forces you to choose one weapon instead of fall back on something and the inevitable shotgun. You can still pick up other weapons instead of your pistol, you just only have one main starting weapon.

The main problem I'm having is I REALLY think DBNO needs to be back in Team Deathmatch. I get why it's not in free for all but otherwise it needs to come back.

Also, I don't know why they stripped down the customisation so much. Where are all the playable locust characters? Where are all the main Gears characters? Why are there onlye like 10 characters to choose from?
A few of the changes they've made have been good but they've taken so much out of the game in one go that it might be too much change at once for many. And also they've replaced a lot of stuff with new features that aren't as extensive as what was available before.

Introducing Survival & Overrun are great ideas but not if you are taking out Horde which is a defining and much imitated part of the series. Overrun will probably be a superior mode to Beast so replacing Beast with it is ok.

Dropping Execution was a crazy idea (glad it's back). I can understand droppping Warzone due to numbers played and the emergence of Team Deathmatch. And as long as there is 1 elimination mode it at least gives that area some coverage. Also I can understand changing KOTH (my favourite mode in Gears 3) for Domination & taking out Wingman, CTL, Guardian (my favourite in Gears 2) & all the other more specific multiplayer modes due to numbers playing them.

DBNO is a miss as revives are a big part of the fun and teamwork although they justify this in a simlar way to the merits of a quick spawn system in that people who are on the floor and not getting revived or killed would rather get back into the action quicker. COG vs COG is also nowhere near as cool or differentiating for Gears as a game as COG Vs Locust. But I'm happy with taking out grenade wall tagging, stopping power & active reload damage boosts from multiplayer.

I think the technical campaign changes will be much more popular though.

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