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Default Re: Teen Killer Flips Off Victims' Families

Originally Posted by Ant-manic View Post
rereading this thread, i've come to the conclusion that the majority of posters are pro-prison rape/wifery.

well remember, it WAS said in the very first post that "if this doesn't make you angry, nothing will"...

I'd sure hate to be in that little prick's shoes on his very first night when the lights go out...


Extremely offensive, always insulting, completely defiant... an absolutely disrespectful prick

He can't be managed, he can't be controlled... that's because he's a totally disruptive ass-ole

He's content to be a good-for-nothing, smart-ass, trouble-making, rule-breaking malcontent
Don't even THINK of penalizing him based upon your incorrect, inaccurate assumption of him
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