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Default Re: Killer Croc as the Villain

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:

After the outcome of TDKR? What does that mean?

I'd honestly like to see Killer Croc as the muscle for Penguin.
OMFG, the top comment for that video :

The funny thing is, pretty much every time Batman's been hit with a rock it's almost killed him.
In Vendetta, Killer Croc almost crushes Batman to death with a rock before succumbing to tranquilizer darts.
In Justice League, Joker knocks Batman out with a bag of rocks.
In Batman: Arkham City, Batman will die if you choose to have Catwoman not save him. When she does save him, she lifts some rocks off of him.
Killer Croc is a freakin' genius. "

whoever that person is, I love him/her.

I liked his depiction in Azzarello/Bermejo's "Joker " when Joker made him his muscle. but that's just me.

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