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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 General Discussion - Part 5

Originally Posted by I AN LEGEND View Post
Okay... So he just dipped...

We were chillin for like 3 hours. Shot around, his trainer came, we bull ****ted til some other guys came to the court, played 2 full court games, shot around, sat down and just talked about random things for another 20 minutes. I swear this is real, Im not making any of this up. He's such a ****ing sweetheart, real nice guy. and he's pretty good at ball. We had at least 3-4 assists to each other in the games combined, and he pulled like 20 rebounds... it was kinda ridiculous. Im still in shock.

When it comes to Spidey (kept it short) Inl asked him how the new suit was compared to the old one. He said "one day I'll pass it off to you and you can put it on" ****KNG DEAD. but he said when you're hot, you're burning and when you're cold, you're freezing. And the glasses fog up, and that sometimes it's less than what it's played up to be, but he can't complain. Being Spidey was he dream and now "people are looking at me and I can't **** it up," haha. He's real funny, and we were acting like we've been friends for years. I can't believe this ****.

Then we were just taking about work, basketball, money, all this random ****. It was never awkward or anything. I just can't believe this ****.

I told him I have to buy him a beer. He said next time we see each other, definitely.
You should have told him not to worry about it. Of all the problems I had with TAS-M, Andrew Garfield was not one of them and he certainly did not have a hand in why the movie didn't turn out that well. Once those issues are solved(the script, editing), then an installment in Webb's series would be good.

Originally Posted by Pac-Master View Post
When you were playing Basketball you should have said "Don't break the backboard".



Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I couldn't resist.
Lol. That made me laugh.

Originally Posted by WesMan View Post
Ian, can you ask him if this sequel will focus more on the dramatic/emotional aspects like the TASM did? Also get his phone number

Originally Posted by Nickoray View Post
"@MarcW: Day 32. Mr. Feore."
What if...he's still some villain that could show up later, but his background is that he's working at Ravencroft?

Originally Posted by GRangerPrimeNYC View Post
Nope, it's still YOU

I didn't say you started it, you instigated it.

All that person did was post that poster of Catwoman, referencing how she has both her ears and visor at the same time, due to that fan poster of TASM2 that had two rising suns.

Then you just kept carrying on about Catwoman's blacked out eyes, posting a bunch of TDKR posters, then it turned into a Batman discussion.
So I said one thing, that got a reply, and I replied, and that makes me start it?


Originally Posted by VenomSpawn View Post
I'll never be BFFs with Andrew Garfield

Lol. Well, when Wes gets his number, maybe he can give it to you, haha.

Originally Posted by GoldGoblin View Post
So I guess JJJ and the daily bugle won't show up until movie 3.
Knew it.

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