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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
No it's completely reasonable to counter "why would they love hi-tech Wakanda" with "why wouldn't they love hi-tech Wakanda".

Imagine we were debating Thor before it was released. Someone could ask who would the general audience love a black norse god or the concept and of Asgard. Then "why wouldn't they" would be the correct counter-argument because audiences did end up accepting, if not, loving those concepts.
That's so crazy to me that you see it as this random thing "they ended up accepting" as though movie was not carefully crafted to inspire them to care about Asgard, and ensure that nothing would distract or detract from that, even if it meant depowering Asgard and conflicting with 616.

The truth is the opening scene from Thor made us care about Asgard, and we *did* talk about doing it that way before Thor came out, we just never imagined they'd be able to do it in 2 and a half minutes, and I would never have wanted to see Thor depowered so long to balance the story as a result of rushing that part, but they did, and had enough jokes that it worked out, in part because they demoted Asgard to a high tech alien planet, another thing I wouldn't have done, much like you don't want Wakanda demoted. But it didn't make Asgard any less great or less loved, even though it "missed the whole point of Asgard" as though the point of Asgard was ever to do anything but make Thor awesome. That's what I learned from Thor about storytelling. Perhaps you would have thought we were overthinking it, and lambasted us for not saying "why wouldn't they like Asgard, they liked flying suits of armor, and that's impossible too!"

People who neglect cause and effect in storytelling make Green Lanterns and Fantastic Fours (and worse) because when it's time to craft a story and make changes from the cannon in order to get people into the film, they say "Why wouldn't they love it?" And they never get an answer, just critical and commercial failure.

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
A Japanese understanding of technology but the entire society dressed in an ancient African tribal kingdom theme.
For the record, bringing it out of sci fi addresses virtually all of the problems I'm referring to.

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