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Default Re: Luke Cage introduced in Avengers 2, Hulk blasted into space

Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post
Cage was innocent and I althought the fact he turned his back on a possible life of crime as a positve thing. Cage didn't wait for his uncle to get killed like Peter Parker or a life threatening injury like Tony Stark to turn his life around. Cage at worst was misguided when he was a kid in a gang. Even when Cage was in a gang he refused t use weapons.

Even though Cage is a hero for hire he isn't money grabbing greedy scumbag. Cage often turned down money or fees if someone really need his help.

The only reason people make a big deal out of the fact cage was in a gang as a kid is because he is black. Ben Grimm aka The Thing was in a gang as a kid and no one makes anywhere near a big deal out it as they do cage.
to be fair, Cage held a rival gang member so Stryker could stab him to death. and Cage did try to straighten out his life. but he never answered for past criminal activity. it's not like he reformed in prison (like Scott Lang). some might say that Stryker framing him was just Luke's past catching up with him. his experience taught him a valuable lesson. that's not to take anything away from his current heroism. still, he's always existed in the gray area of superheroics. he considered just using his powers as muscle, to start with. and he was charging money.

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