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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by tvor03 View Post
First of all, in the MCU Atlantis and the Savage Land are not accepted realities.
Second, a society that uses the most advanced technology in order to preserve their fundamental belief to reject all technology is completely contradictory.

All Wakanda needs to be is an advanced African nation whose economy is based on its rare natural resource but culturally remains extremely skeptical of foreigners. It's that simple. You're basically just creating Dubai.
And like Dubai, or the middle east in general, you'd have fodder for dramatic conflict in the form of the struggle between the modernists who want to embrace the larger world to a greater or lesser extent, and the traditionalists who want to preserve Wakanda from all that evil foreign influence. You can totally have people who *want* to turn Wakanda into some kind of primitivist tribal "utopia", complete with hypocritical high tech border defenses. Its just, those people should really be the bad guys.

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