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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by spideymouse View Post
Yeah, they would definitely not want to show any fans any test footage whatsoever this early in the ga-- oh wait, they DID, at Comic-Con, last year... and oh yeah, they did again, in London, last Thursday...

...and there was definitely negative buzz from those screenings for sure.
Showing a handful of fans at comic-con does not equate to officially releasing it for MILLIONS to see. It's an unfinished product that may not look like that in the final film, it does not make business sense to officially release it. There is a reason companies do not put out test footage...because it is test footage, i.e. a concept at best. Releasing it and giving millions and possibly false impression of how the movie will be WOULD cause negative buzz after the final product is shown and it's nothing like a lot of people were expecting. This is not hard stuff to grasp.

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