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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

Great points by all, although I may not agree with them all.

Am I the only one who feels that if Bryan Singer & Co. go into Apocalypse territory that it simply won't match the tone and feel of his first two "realism" films? See, that's my issue with this. The MCU is already operating in the world of "power cosmic". FOX's comic world is NOT--it is ball-and-chained by the lack of true comic book fantasy elements. Sure, they're here and there but it's just not...hitting it right. Even X3--which was arguably the most action oriented X-film--chickened out on Jean's incredibly tepid, lame-ass "rise" from Alkali Lake.

Now, I don't blame Bryan for taking his more "cautious" approach back in 1999--that was absolutely essential for FOX to take the bait and if it weren't for that we wouldn't have what we have now. But that being said, now the other franchises are like FULL ON Comic-Book-Pages-Come-To-Life (even Green Lantern went there for Christ's sake) and X-Men is still being held back.

I don't care if X-Men goes back to MCU/Disney or stays with FOX. FOX is not letting them go anyway. But I think we'd be silly not to believe that FOX hasn't sat up and taken notice of a genre that has passed them by. They may have a number of franchises, but they are no longer game changers or in the lead. They are picking up the rear now behind...well, everyone else. Even DC has a jump on them with Man Of Steel.

They've got to be wanting a piece of the action and it's just too big of a jump to leap from their safe and conservative interpretations to FULL ON CBM wow-factors.

The only way this can be accomplished is to start over again.

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