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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

Sometimes I wish Avengers had never come out. Because it showed how great CBMs can truly be when you have a director who knows what he's doing, loves the source material and has a studio who 100% supports him. Avengers truly spoiled showed me that it is possible to get that "team work" dynamic while taking on (in that case, intergalactic) comic book foes on the silver screen in a stylish, tough and humorous way. I want this for my beloved X-Men.

And no, I'm not interesting in waiting until 2020 to see it. I might be dead by then, dammit.

And I seriously doubt FOX is going to wait that long to start really cashing in on this phenomenon. We will see a change waaaaaaay before then. In some regards, it's a shame that Days Of Future Past is officially tying First Class with the Original Trilogy. Storm, Jean, Scott, etc. weren't in First Class and JP, Danoyse and others will tell you that I was highly annoyed with that character line up, but eventually I was okay with that thinking that so-called "reboot" would reimagine FOX's universe completely. A fresh start that, as the timeline went on, would eventually merge FOX's new X-Men with MCU/Disney's world.

Any chance for a REAL reboot died with that decision. I am thankful that we're getting the classic actors back again, but along with them come the same classic problems...and dead people.

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