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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 2

I'd be very surprised if it didn't advance the story. Part of Avengers was Cap finding his place in modern times. This can be expanded on in this movie. Bringing Bucky back into the fray and having just barely touched on Cap's world being shaken, this can bring things to the core of Cap.

CA:TFA was a fun, Raiders-like pulpy adventure film played unironically, without the cynicism that comes in with many modern adaptations (like GL frequently making fun of its comic book roots in fear of being written off as silly by the modern audience). The Avengers touched on this in further detail, calling for a return to the "old-fashioned" form, sort of celebrating classic superheroes.

This could be a movie with actual conflict between the two worlds: Cap is from a time when everything was black-and-white. Allies = Good, Nazis/Hydra = Evil. The Avengers did fairly little to change that mindset for Cap. He even mercilessly threw a brainwashed SHIELD agent off the Helicarrier. Now, when his brainwashed best friend comes back from the traditional past he misses so dearly, he finally really encounters a grey area. One where he can sympathize with his opponent, even hoping to reform him. If the Russo Bros are interested in diggin into that idea, I reckon this is the best opportunity for it.

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