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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

I just dont see a re-boot happening when we are going to get 2 X-Men related movies in the next 18 months, Millar said this announcement is coming in the next few months, to say DOFP would be the last movie before a re-boot woulde be business suicide by Fox IMO, I just dont see them doing it.

I dont doubt a re-boot will be done somewere down the line, but it wont be this soon in my eyes. The original cast can still do plenty, hell as people have pointed out RDJ and SLJ are older than many of the original cast of the X-Men movies and they are still going very strong. Both will be in a few more Marvel movies yet as well.

So a few more movies from the original cast is far from out of the question, I just hope it doesnt mean the end of the FC cast, as I want at least one more movie with them in before we see that end.

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