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Default Re: Psycho prequel series "Bates Motel"

Just watched the pilot. It was...decent. Great acting (though I'm not sure about Highmore yet), but other than that girl in chains at the end, I found it disappointingly predictable. The same problem I recently had with The Following (though there were also other aspects I didn't care for with that show, and this is better than that). I could tell Dan from Deadwood would be the Bates Motel's first victim from his very first scene, and it was pretty obvious it would be Norma who'd kill him and Norman would help cover it up. I was basically just waiting for it to happen, and that's never a good sign for me. Oh well, any show that uses one of my favorite Radiohead songs will automatically endear itself to me enough to stick with it for a few episodes, but I have a feeling Hannibal will ultimately become my "famous serial killer prequel show" of choice in a few weeks.

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