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Default Re: Avengers Alliance

Originally Posted by StreetWarrior View Post
Ghost Rider is absolutely amazing in PVP (and the missions in general) but he really needs all of his powers unlocked before he becomes an absolute tank. His defense is okay but, offensively, he's absolutely insane. His second move, Penance Stare, deals a huge amount of damage based upon how many "sin" counters an opponent has (sin counters are gained anytime an opponent takes a combat action - whether defensively or offensively). Additionally, his final attack is a free attack that increases Ghost Rider's strength for each Sin counter on an opponent. Long story short, I've dealt over 77,000 damage to a single opponent in PVP with Penance Stare, a psychic attack that ignores all defenses/shields/dodges except for those that protect against psychic attacks.

Punisher is good but not great. His ability to change to any class and wide variety of attacks (12+) make him extremely versatile in the missions. I doubt he's going to be much use in PVP though. Much like Cable, he's a little too unpredictable and doesn't have any "amazing" abilities/attacks. That said, Frank's always been my favorite character so purchasing him was a no brainer for me.
That's what appeals to me (about Punisher).

If they ever re-offer Ghost Rider, I'll try to pick him up.

The only thing I'm loving about the Premium and Spec-Ops missions is the experience gained from them ---these were my 1st Premium and Spec-ops so far, I'm leveling up most of my heroes like crazy---only ones I haven't been able to I've been using for the Flight Deck. I just wish I had the points to keep up with the leveling up.

I noticed yesterday in the collections menu, the magnetic lockboxes has a coming soon slot under the Mag's boxes, coming soon with specs op 8. Anybody have any news on that?

Cyke still needs training, he'll be last because he'll drain most of my silver.

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