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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by roach View Post
Pondering this question I looked at the countries and Kingdoms that resembles Wakanda. The one I kept coming to was the Vatican. We have a secretive religious and political leader, secretive base of operations, people dressed in traditional clothing, modern yet keeping a eye on tradition.
Based on that I would have the populace of Wakanda dress like normal people in the 21st century. The only ones who wear traditional dress are those who hold titles in the government/religion...and then they would be modern takes on the clothing. T'Challa wouldnt run around in his Black Panther garb all the time. I imagine he would wear something similar to what James Earl Jones wore in Coming To America but instead of a lion head it would be a black panther head.
Yo... Coming to America is a low key Black Panther story. And that is an awesome visual. I think the costumers on a Black Panther film could have a veritable field day, especially if you get some with a good eye and a love of black culture. The Panther theme can work in a few different ways, with T'Chaka sporting the Panther skin outfit over the shoulder, and the go to town on the idea of a black robe with gold trim. And the Wakandan people in a myriad mix of Kente Dashikis, canvas tunics and kufis, and then you see the guy carrying a laptop - nay, tablet - that you've never seen before. Epic. This Japan comparison really works... in fact, I could actually see "The Japan of Africa" being a bit of dialogue.

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