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Default Re: The "Keep Hope Alive" (that the rights can revert back to Marvel) thread

Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
So if former colleagues badmouth Marvel, Marvel Studios sucks. And if they have only nice things to say, Marvel Studios sucks even worse. Seems fair.
They were both fired under shady circumstances that are still unclear and the fact that none of their original directors are returning either suggests some funny business is going on.

Marvel Studios certainly had their share of issues during the first three years founding a mid-major studio, though the problems seem to have diminished greatly since 2010. I admit, I give the studio a pass to a large degree because they are putting the connected universe on film that I never thought would be possible when I was a child.
You'll turn a blind eye because of a gimmicky shared universe? That's pretty pedantic.


But back to the topic at hand - it's easy to question FOX's motive regarding the reboot when they fund 4 big budget X-Men films subsequent to ROTSS with minimal forward progress on the FF. And the challenges facing the reboot makes it unlikely that a fiscally prudent studio head will commit the hundreds of millions required to wipe the bad taste in fans mouth from the original horrid duology. I think we're looking at a high stakes game of chicken between the studios, and I am hoping it ends up with the First Family in the MCU where they belong.
Minimal progress? They've already announced a release date for 2015, a director, a writer, and a creative consultant who are putting the film together as we speak.

And they announced it will also employ a gimmicky shared universe with the X-Men universe, so will you turn a blind eye toward that?

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