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Default Re: season 6-8 Clark more proactive attitude:lightswitch or not?

I don't know if it was a lightswitch, but my issue was moving Clark towards his destiny to become Superman and that mean working at the Daily Planet, training at the Fortress, developing a superhero identity, and joining the Justice League, all of which we see in seasons 8-10. Seasons 5-7 saw little to none of that - he trained at the Fortress against his will in Arrival and we never saw him train again until the 9th season; In Justice, he didn't join the Justice League and in Siren, he still hadn't. He also refused to learn how to fly twice in season 7. If there was an episode where the show did sway from the mythology, it was Apocalypse because the alternate reality was closer to the comics than the actual TV show itself. The only development in season 6 or 7 was Clark developing superbreath.

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