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Default Re: 2012/2013 NBA thread: This thread is POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by SolarTiger View Post
Don't know about that. If MJ was doing what he did back then now in the social media age, people would be going even more bananas. 6 for 6 when it comes to championships with six final MVPs.

I think Lebron will end up top 5 for sure when everything is said and done. If he wins 5 or 6 rings he might be widely considered the 2nd best player of all time. But the fact that MJ never lost in the finals, and never even let a finals get to a game 7 is seriously impressive.

Doesn't take anything away from Lebron though.
Jordan had one of the greatest teams ever assembled with one of the greatest coaches in basketball history at the helm. LeBron's legacy will always be viewed as a 'disappointment' during his early years but James was the only reason why Cleveland even made to the playoffs and finals. Granted, his mental state was questionable during that era and he wasn't a true leader, but let's not forget that while Jordan was a fierce competitor in his younger years he too was criticized for his lack of maturity and leadership intangibles. Six titles erased all that.

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