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Default Re: Fox's Shared Universe

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
Who says he convinced him? For all we know they had talked about making this from the moment Millar wrote the book and now is the right time to make it. Truth is you can't say Millar was the sole reason Vaughn left DoFP because we don't know. But his departure left the way for the original X director to take come back and fix the **** that Ratner ****ed up.

Millar himself said that his project took priority over DOFP because he feared someone was going to use the (totally unoriginal) concept first and that's why Vaughn left. Vaughn had directed the somewhat successful prequel/reboot of a flailing franchise and the studio wanted him to helm the sequel, but Millar at the very least was instrumental in preventing that from happening. Personally, I find that hilarious and fitting, but it was a ****ty thing to do to his new employers.

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