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Default Re: Do not scan and post complete articles from magazines

Originally Posted by jthom19802 View Post
If someone types fast and has 10 minutes to kill, may we transcribe the entire content of the article and just post it here as a typical post with no imagery?
If you are commenting on or critiquing an article, novel, short story, etc., “fair use” guidelines allow you to quote sections of the work. But in these situations, the amount of original content (e.g., your critique) should be greater than the quoted material. If it’s not (especially if you’re using a few token comments as an excuse to quote the entire work) then you’re probably on thin ice, copyright-wise.

On blogs and such, it seems permissible to quote the first few paragraphs of an article - provided that you then post a link to the remainder (the majority). This acknowledges the author and the copyright. If you can’t provide a link (because the article/work isn’t online) and scan or retype the entire article, I’d guess this would be a copyright violation.

I’m not a lawyer, so take the above with a grain of salt. But I believe it’s generally accurate.

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