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Default Re: The "Detective Skills" thread

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
It's the deductive skills we haven't really seen much of yet. Bruce as an analytical fellow, able to use forensics is all well and good, but that's not what sets him apart, it's his steel trap of a mind.
Deciding to acquire a super invention(probably from fox) that finds finger prints from shattered bullet casings isn't quite up to par imo. It just shows initiative and resource.

I agree the detective skills have been lacking but it really is the level of analytical thinking that's really missing I think. To know Bruce is the smartest in the room(and not just because he's in the know) is a trait I almost never see in these films. Especially when he's faced off with his rogues.
For example, imagine if it was Bane in that room interrogating joker? The bane that wasn't a henchmen by the end of the film that is. You would see a certain level of wits being fired right back at the joker, not just a lost hero screaming for answers.

Bats just seems way too off the curve at too many junctures. But, it does make for a more traditional kind of entertainment.

When bruce came running to fox to get him "back in the game", I officially gave up on the characterization, personally. Scott Snyder's current work is probably a good middle of the road.

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