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Default Re: The "Keep Hope Alive" (that the rights can revert back to Marvel) thread

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
You find a shared universe gimicky, but for Marvel it worked out very well.
Again, how does that not make it a gimmick?

I highly doubt that the same will be true of Fox's copycat efforts, but they're greedy and stingy so they gotta chase the money.
lol Fox is greedy, but not Marvel. I wonder if the Kirby estate feels the same.

Fox has had the X-films and the FF for many years but hasn't been able to turn out films as lucrative at the box office as Marvel's Avengers franchise.
So what? As long is the new reboot is good, why should I care how it compares to the Avenger's BO earnings?

.Marvel has only been making films since 2008 and already racked up $3.8 Billion at the global box office, compared to Fox's $1.8 B for the X-Men franchise
Feel like there should be a point here, but I don't see one.

No wonder Fox wants to mimic Marvel's "gimmick."
I know, sadly people can't enjoy superhero films based on their distributor and "shared-universe" gimmick apparently.

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