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Default Re: Teen Killer Flips Off Victims' Families

Originally Posted by antonydelfini View Post
While I'm disturbed with this kid's behavior, and I have the deepest sympathies with the victims and their families (imagine their anger while the kid tries to act tough in courtroom), I'm also quite disturbed by some people wanting this kid to get raped repeatedly in jail. The kid's evil and all that, but people looking forward to him getting raped repeatedly is also disturbing to me.
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Ok here I go, for someone who has so much wreckless abandon and 0 remorse for the pain they caused not only the kids he shot but the families he destroyed is on another level. But to sit in court, look the parents/family memberes straight in the eyes throw up the finger and say "the hand that shot and killed your children now masturbates to the thought, F*$& all of you" is on a whole nother galaxy.

That one phrase shows the depths of this kids evil. He deserves nothing less than a life time of agony and pain for his arrogance, self righteousness, and utter disregard for human life.

I stand by what I said.

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