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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Thread - Part 3

It's interesting that I have yet to see Sucker Punch. It'll should soon come on the TV one of these days. LOL

I had no desire to watch it mainly because I'm not at all into this type of genre which is influenced by Japanese anime (Snyder himself is very much influenced by the Japanese film & TV genres).

I saw Dawn of the Dead, 300 & Watchmen (ultimate & theatrical cuts) and they are all very good. While they're exceptionally good in term of film-making, the story dragged on a bit especially Watchmen. The Watchmen is a highly underrated film, if you're an older person you can pick out a lot of subtle visual cues in the film - I recognised most of them. The film being more of a political polemic and an alternate history with the inclusion of the superheroes. For example, in the opening segment, the nurse was spontaneously kissed by a woman instead of the sailor in the actual photo made famous in Life magazine, a good use of what-if scenario.

The ending of Watchmen bring to my mind the kind of genre that was covered earlier by writer like Philip K Dick in his novelisation, "The Man in the High Castle". Dick used the "I Ching" as a literary device. In the book, sever characters read Abendsen's book, "The Grasshopper Lies Heavy" and it was supposedly to be a true story.

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