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Default Re: The Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy: The Gamora Thread

Originally Posted by OB12 View Post
I'm going to stop touting Kunis but only because I think she is too busy. There is no reason why Gamora needs to be played by a tall actress, none. The difference between being 5'4" and 5'9" is really nothing that can't be overcome with the right boots and camera angles. That said, I do like the suggestion of Katrina Law, though I've never seen her act.
It's not that Gamora can't be played by someone who's not tall, it's that she won't be. I've already stated my case in the casting thread, but to reiterate, whether or not you think it matters, Marvel actually does take height into account when casting their characters.

My post from the older version of the casting thread:
Jaimie Alexander, who plays the only other Amazonian type character in the MCU, is 5'9. You think it's a coincidence that Marvel cast someone of that height in that type of role? It's not. Look at all the other Asgardians: Hemsworth-6'4, Hiddles-6'2, Ray Stevenson-6'4, Josh Dallas-6'1, Zach Levi-6'4, Idris Elba-6'4, you get the point. Despite what you guys are saying height definitely matters to Marvel whether or not it matters to you. Quote me on this, whoever is cast as Gamora will be 5'7+.
Sure Marvel could use camera tricks or lifts and such, but they won't do that. The only actors they've had to do that for is Anthony Hopkins and Robert Downey Jr. because they just HAD to cast those actors despite their heights or any other deficiencies. Characters like Gamora on the other hand will be cast the same way Thor, Sif, Cap, Volstagg, Bucky, Star-Lord, Drax ect. are cast, with height in mind.

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