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Default Re: (Green) Arrow Comics/Graphic Novel Thread and Discussion

I just read Green Arrow: Year One and I loved it! I see why people say it's a "more realistic" aproach to GA, except for one thing, I think...

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
His reluctancy to kill.
He becomes a hunter out of a need for survival, and then when he sees himself and the innocent people of the island in danger he shoots the thugs in the arms, legs, etc. but why? Why wouldn't he kill'em? There nothing in the story that validates a "no killing" stand on his part, particularly considering the "realistic" aproach they take with the story, anyone of us, no matter how good a person we are, would find justifiable to kill in self-defense; funnily enough, coming to this conclution after readin GA:Y1 makes me be fine with Ollie killing in "Arrow", since now I think it's gonna be part of his character develepment, from hunter to hero.
Also, I thought it was cannon that he spent 5 years in the island, but in the book it seems like it was only a few months, can anyone elaborate on that?? Thank you


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