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Default Re: Avengers Alliance

Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
So started PVP, my main team will be Future Foundation IW and Annihilus HT, they have some good buffs/abilities. How goes the PVP for everyone else? I actually had a few non-IW and HT opponents, had a couple matches with Captain Britain. I remember a page or two back everyone said what a beast CB was, one Fireball from HT took him out (in both matches) and his move set wasn't too impressive. I mean myself and the other side(s) had fairly similar stats...has CB been nerfed?...If so, I'll put picking him up on the back burner.

I'm getting close to getting the Ch. 1 mastery weapon, is it a good weapon? And what weapons is everyone using?
Yeah, CB has been nerfed; his Smash now only has 40% stun, instead of the original 60%. I'm not using him in my PVP team yet since he is only level 7, but once he's up to speed at level 9 I'll put him in. I might get the alt of Wolverine, Phoenix, or NC to help him out, though, or just use Emma Frost again (despite her recent nerf).

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