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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Thanks man.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
But why would he want to kill her? She was what he called a living work of art. I can't see him destroying something he created and thought was great art.

Alicia was old news at that point though. Think about it, Vicki was a new "canvass" for the Joker and he said it himself at the museum, "I make art till someone dies".

He's a twisted little ****. He did what he needed to with Alicia (disfigured her and traumatized her) then moved on. Had his way with her so to speak. That's why I think he seems to be so infatuated with Vicki, his next victim. She's beautiful and intelligent, pretty much the perfect person to ruin for your new, twisted philosophy. With the Joker I don't think "I found a new girl Bobby" means that he's going to take her out for a nice dinner. More like destroy her face with acid and mess her up mentally, like he did with Alicia. I don't think the Joker cares for women too much honestly, they're probably nothing more to him than those paintings that he destroyed in the museum.

Let's remember his line to Grissom, "you SET ME UP, over a WOMAN". I don't think Alicia meant that much to him, she was pretty much an object to be had, a thing. Nothing more. It's also pretty evident with the ****** way he treated her.

If he's capable of killing his right hand man, someone that would take a bullet for him, I think he's pretty capable of throwing Alicia out of a window. He's trying to ensnare Vicki, what's he going to say? That he did it?

Oh, and I love what you stated about the Joker being insecure, because it's all true. He is peeved that this freak, Batman, the thing that made him who he is, is stealing his limelight. I mean, there are interpretations that hate and despise Batman and wouldn't mind seeing him dead. Not all of the interpretations want him to live or think he's "fun". I like how in '89, the two of them are the exact opposites. Batman is mysterious and doesn't want to be out in the spotlight whereas the Joker cherishes it. They're antithesis of each other.

That's one of the things I like about the Joker in The Dark Knight. They change it up a bit. At first, he genuinely wants to kill Batman. "It's simple, we kill the Batman". But once he starts to see how he is and realizes that he isn't Dent, but just BATMAN, something clicks and he can't bring himself to kill him. I think that's just as valid.

And like the Nicholson Joker, you can tell he relishes BEING the Joker. "I like this job, I LIKE IT". You can see his enthusiasm in all of his television broadcasts as well.

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